Benice Facial Steamer

Benice Facial Steamer -BNS-016

The Benice facial steamer cleans the pores and dirty from your face while hydrating your skin.

It is also an excellent relief for your cold / wheezing when you inhale the hot steam from this facial steamer. You can add your aromatherapy herbs into the add-on aromatherapy case for maximum results.

With 2 temperature controls, you can easily adjust the steam level for your requirement.

Benice Facial SteamerSpecification – Benice Facial Steamer -BNS-016

  • Benice Facial Sauna Spa For Clear Skin 100 W
  • Elegant, compact size and simple to use
  • Effective solution for easy skincare at home
  • Designed with two gums for the face and nose, which is the ideal tool to care for your face
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Helps you to keep skin clean, smooth, no acne, dust
  • Is also effective against colds and treatments, preventing respiratory diseases
  • Led light
  • 2 high and low vapor control functions at will
  • You can use bottled or tap water and add different flavors, oils and essences
  • Effective in hydrating, intensive cleaning and improving circulation
  • Respiratory therapy with the use of steam
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation for the face and neck
  • Perfectly clean face and neck
  • Treatment of airway
  • Power: 100 W. 220 V

What comes in the box 

  • Nasal Mask
  • Face Mask
  • Measuring Cup
  • Facial Steamer
  • Arometherapy Case


  • 100 Watts Power
  • 220V
  • Low / High / OFF button
  • One fill provides 10-30 minutes of mist depending on high / low option.

Respiratory Benefits of Steam Inhaling

  • Relieves your dry & irritated nasal and throat passage with the moisture created by the steam
  • Throat inflammation or sore throat? Steam inhaling can bring much relief.
  • Hard to release the mucus from blowing the nose? Chest too dry? Regular steam inhalation with the face steamer can liquify the mucus and help clear your congested areas.
  • Helps relax your coughing reflex and throat muscles
  • Helps dilate and improve the circulation of blood flow

Overall, regular face steam inhalation is helpful to relieve yourself from the common cold – and what better way to do so than with an electric face steam machine?

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