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Mobile Screen Enlarger

Mobile Screen Enlarger

We are talking about watching a television program or a movie in a mobile phone. When more than two people watch in a mobile phone it’s impossible to watch a program without a mobile screen enlarger. You need an alternative to that. So this device is a best alternative you can get from

Mobile Screen EnlargerA Mobile screen enlarger is basically a magnifying tool for mobile that enlarges your mobile screen onto the bigger screen. It comes in the market having different varieties. A screen magnifier is a kind of software that interfaces with the computers graphical output in order to present enlarged screen content. Its main benefit is that by enlarging the screen part the people having visual impairments can better see words and images.

What are the benefit of having a Mobile Screen Enlarger ?

  1. You can comfortably understand the subject as it is clear and big
  2. It is portable, therefore you can carry that easily
  3. Wireless device makes it easy to use and hassle free.
  4. Big screen will give you a 3D View experience so that it is always ad value to your big sense.

What is this?

A magnifier is a thing that can turn your mobile display on a large screen. It is a proper arrangement of plastic and metallic bodies that is very easy to handle and carry.

Its uses:

Its simplest form presents an enlarged portion of the original screen content, the focus, in order to cover the full screen. The enlarged portion contains the content of interest to the user and the pointer. As the cursor moves towards the screen, the magnifier track and show the new enlarged portion. Screen magnifiers are especially helpful for people suffering from low vision.

How Does Magnifier work?

It is totally based on the focus method. The overall process to enlarge the mobile screen works on the principle of Refraction. Its big screen that is actually a lens is being fixed at a proper distance from the mobile holder. The law of refraction works here and magnifies the display on a bigger screen. Mobile Screen Magnifier is very helpful for the ones who are not able to detect the small things properly or having some vision impairment.

Mobile Screen EnlargerIt’s Features:

It contains several features that a person having low vision as it can be used to enhance and customize the display of the mobile screen.

Magnification level — it basically offers nine available settings that range from 1.25 x to 16x magnification in the given magnified window. As the level of magnification gets increases, the amount of information that will fit in the magnified window gets decreases. Higher the magnification level, the more challenging it will be for mobile screen magnifier.

Auto Zoom — when this auto zoom is activated, I automatically adjust the magnification level in the magnified window. Depend upon the screen content amount, the level of magnification gets change as the information on the screen also changes.

Auto Start Magnifier — when the auto start magnifier is activated, Mobile Screen Magnifier automatically starts when the cell phone gets turned on.

Screen Layouts:

Full screen layout — the full screen gets magnified

Classic layout — the bottom half gets magnified

Distributed layout — the screen’s text is magnified in the center window

Availability / Price range:

Its online availability is good enough, its costs may vary from 3$ to 60$. The price basically depends upon the quality of the product. The higher the quality the more the price will be. Cheaper products may be annoying sometimes.

There are numbers of mobile magnifiers available at RePanther Online Store. All you have to do is choose the one that is best suited for you according to your needs. It is much better to use the product in the dark as it will keep your eyes far from mobile. It is very useful to product and surely you people will find this product interesting.

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